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Nature Lab: Minibeasts

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A girl looking for bugs in the leaves

Open a window on the tiny world of minibeasts! Often we focus on the cute and the cuddly animals in nature, but an ecosystem is made up of so much more and some of the most interesting species need a bit of a closer look to find. Suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, this session highlights the importance of insects and other invertebrates in our world and gives children the opportunity to look up close at a variety of weird and wonderful creatures. The class will work outside at Ulster Folk Museum, and use sweep nets, beating trays and magnifying pots to discover minibeasts. They will be encouraged to use skills of observation, recording and tallying to collect as much information as they can about the diversity of invertebrates on the site. They will learn about how we can encourage more biodiversity into our urban green spaces and what we can do to ensure that marvellous minibeasts can really thrive!

Please note: in adverse weather conditions an indoor session is offered, which grants your class the opportunity to investigate real museum minibeast specimens along with an exciting array of other invertebrates. They will learn how scientists categorise living things, and how to produce a detailed scientific drawing which they can then share with their classmates!

Price: £60 per class
Key Stages: 1 & 2
Available to book: 8th April 23 – 30th June 2