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Wait till I tell ye! 

HIVE Choir explore the sounds that shape our language through public performance on the streets of Ballycultra.

Languages of Ulster
Group of men and women in period costume interviewing couple. Visable boom
Irish English (Hiberno-English) is the collective name for the diverse dialects spoken across the island of Ireland.
In 1972 a group of researchers set out to record the way people spoke in Ireland, this project is known as the Tape Recorded Survey (TRS) and is a vital resource that explores our linguistic heritage.

The survey interviewed men and women from three age groups in two sections. Specific questions to determine dialectal differences in particular words, and a free speech section where participants were able to talk about any subjects; these subjects range from rural and farming life, the role of women, school life, Hallowe’en, home life, and the environment. You can view the full list of words included in the TRS here. 

HIVE choir have developed new sonic compositions based on dialectic nuances in the data. Watch their performance and interviews with visitors!

‘Wait Till I Tell Ye!’ explores traditional Irish folk songs where lyrics have links to the collection of words featured in the original Tape Recorded Survey (TRS). 

The words chosen in the TRS provided interesting insights into the kind of social and cultureal norms of the past. HIVE choir researched traditional songs that they felt connected to these themes and Irish lifestyles, particularly those with hints of regional vernacular language in the lyrics.  

Most of these were found in ‘The Flax in Bloom’, a great anthology of traditional songs collected in Northern Ireland and released by Voice of the People. 


  • John D’Arcy
  • Emma Brennan
  • Aisling McCormick
  • Adam Bradley

Camera Operators 

  • Shaun Doogan 
  • Niamh McCann 

Editing and Production

  • Shaun Doogan at RE-ACT Productions